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 Poze Usi  de  tezaur direct fabricant

Usi de tezaur direct fabricant

Manufacture of vault doors designated for bank, public or night vaults. Door execution: multi-layer welding structure combining high-strength steel sheets alternated with anti-penetration and fire-proof abrasive providing high resistance against gas and plasma cutting, conventional and electric hammering and cutting instruments. The patented German mechanism (Kaba Mauer) with a steering wheel is blocked by mechanical double-bit key locks (Kaba Mauer, VdS Class 1, 2, 3 or UL) and American mechanical combination (dial) locks with 3 or 4 wheels (Kaba Ilco or Kaba Mas, VdS Class 1, 2 or UL). This corresponds to resistance degree IX of BSS EN 1143-1.

There are also manufactured light vault doors “Employees entry” type, “Grill” type doors providing access to the bank vaults and deposit stations “Night vault”. Armouring of vault premises is also carried out. On individual request entire fire-proof bank document premises are designed and constructed according to the requirements.

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